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The Arts

At Parap Primary School we view The Arts as having the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential. We actively value and explore all areas of The Arts throughout all year levels.

The Arts encompass the areas of;

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Media Arts

  • Visual Arts.

The five subjects enable students to learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their imagined and conceptual ideas, emotions, observations and experiences.

At Parap Primary School our Performing Arts specialist teacher focuses on Dance, Drama and Music. Media Arts and Visual Arts are taught in the classroom and may also be taught by specialist teachers who have the expertise and interest in these areas. Our school works alongside the School of Music to ensure that we offer lessons for our older students in choir, instrumental and dance which enables our students to have the opportunity to participate in the annual Northern Territory BEAT Festival performance.


As a school we also focus on how we can incorporate the significant contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Australia’s arts heritage and contemporary arts practices through their distinctive ways of representing and communicating knowledge, traditions and experience into our whole school programs. We strongly believe that through The Arts, students learn to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions as they discover and interpret the world. They learn that designing, producing and resolving their work is as essential to learning in the arts as is creating a finished artwork.

The Arts contribute to the development of confident and creative individuals, nurturing and challenging active and informed citizens. Learning in The Arts is based on cognitive, affective and sensory/kinaesthetic response to arts practices as students revisit increasingly complex content, skills and processes with developing confidence and sophistication across their years of learning.

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