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Parap Primary School employs a full time teacher/librarian where all Transition to Year 6 classes receive a one hour lesson per week. These lessons play a key role in supporting and developing literacy and the enjoyment of reading, as well as developing ICT literate students for now and into the future.

Our Preschool students visit the library every Wednesday morning where they participate in modeled and shared reading, and explore literature and ICT through play.

The library has a suite of computers, iPads and coding equipment readily available for students to use. 


At Parap Primary School we have an ever-expanding Robotics, Coding and Digital Technology program. We run both in-class and extra-curricular programs to provide our students with a range of opportunities to explore the world of programming. 

We currently utilise the Lego Mindstorms EV3 and Sphero SPRK+ robotics kits which contain software and hardware that are used to create customisable, programmable robots. Using these kits, the students learn to construct and program a variety of robots with the aim of having them undertake a series of challenging tasks. 

We also utilise a variety of iPad apps to support our students to develop their coding skills, including Swift Playgrounds and Scratch. 

Classroom Technology. 

Each classroom is equipped with multiple iPads, laptops, a smart board, Apple TV and wireless internet access 


Culture Tech

Culture Tech is a team of passionate educators and technology specialists focused on leading schools to deliver 21st century tech enhanced learning.

We have worked with schools across Australia since 2013 to develop and grow digital learning strategies and programs.

Our services are designed for all levels of education and implementing change from the school board to the classroom.

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