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The NT Department of Education enrolment policy is that students who reside in the school's priority enrolment area are entitled to enrol at the school. Students outside the area may be enrolled at the discretion of the Principal. To view the priority area please click here. 


Enrolling at Parap 


Please contact our Front Office team to discuss your child’s enrolment at our school. For new NT students you may complete the student enrolment form online here or in person at the school. If you complete the form online, you must attend the school to have your signatures witnessed and to provide the required documentation. A student media consent form and other forms relevant to the school will be given to you at this time these must be signed and returned.

If you are enrolling your child in our preschool, you must also complete the supplementary preschool enrolment form.

When enrolling your child you will need all of the following:

  • birth certificate or equivalent identification

  • proof of address

  • details of any medical conditions

  • emergency contact details

  • immunisation record

  • name of previous school (if appropriate).

A copy of the Enrolment Management Plan is available here.

Preschool and Transition


NOTE: As schooling in the NT is compulsory only from the age of 6 years, Preschool and Transition programs in NT Government schools are non-compulsory (however, once enrolment has occurred, there is an expectation that attendance obligations are adhered to). The importance of access to and participation in quality education and learning experiences in the best interests of each child underpins the following policies.


Children turning 4 years of age on or before 30 June may be enrolled in the Preschool program from the beginning of the school year, although enrolments may occur throughout the semester at the school’s discretion.

As we wish all students to enjoy success at school, in enrolling children in the Preschool program, especially for those under 4 years of age, consideration is given to a variety of factors including a child’s ability to cope with separation from parents, toileting independence, and levels of social skills.

Transition Program

As the Parap Preschool is an integral unit of Parap Primary School, children enrolled at the Preschool are eligible to move to the Transition program without the need to further enrol in the Primary school. If places are limited in the Transition program, children residing in the Priority Enrolment area will be given priority placement. A child turning 5 years of age by 30 June may commence in Transition from the beginning of the school year.

A Preschool child who turns 5 years of age on or after 1 July will be eligible for entry to Transition from the commencement of the next school year. Admission to Transition is dependent on a judgment being made jointly by the Preschool staff, parents and the Principal or delegate to ensure that the child will be able to successfully engage with the learning expectations of the Transition program.

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